New Hampshire Arabian Horse Association (NHAHA)


  1. Owner or lessee must be a current member in good standing with the NHAHA throughout the show year. Points will not be given for classes entered before date of membership.
  2. Please submit a Nomination Form for each horse/rider pair along with your first set of points. There is a $10 fee per horse for anyone wishing to participate in the Year-End Awards Program. The fee must be submitted with your Nomination Form. No points will be counted until the fee has been paid.
  3. Horse must be a registered Arabian or Half-Arabian. Please send a copy of registration papers with initial submission of the Nomination form.
  4. POINT DEADLINE is October 31st (postmarked) of the recording year. However. YOU MUST SUBMIT POINTS WITHIN 30 DAYS of the participating show and be sure to submit ALL points.
  5. Divisions not listed may be added if entries warrant.
  6. If 3 or more horses/riders do not submit points, division may be canceled or combined for year end award.
  7. Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons will be awarded. Special trophy to be awarded to the Champion.
  8. You must show In a division in more than one show to be eligible for year-end awards for that division. Only the highest points from five (5) classes in a division will count towards that division except In Versatility and High Point.
  9. A youth/junior is under 18 years of age as of December 1, 2014.
  10. A Walk-Trot rider may not cross enter in to any division that requires a canter or lope.
  11. Regional and Class "A" shows sanctioned by the USEF will count towards the 'AHA Recognized" division. All other shows that are not sanctioned by the USEF will be classified as "Non-AHA Recognized- division.
  12. Any NHAHA member who is accumulating points in the 'Non-AHA Division" must attend the NHAHA Summer Jubilee Horse show to be eligible for a year-end award in that division.
  13. Points will be awarded in the following manner:

    Champion   20 points   3rd   16 points
    Reserve   19points   4th   15 points
    1st   18 points   5th   14 points
    2nd   17 points   6th   13 points
    Regional Champion   60 points
    Regional Reserve Champion   45 points
    Regional Top 5   35 points
    Plus the actual number of horses judged in the class
    EX      18 points for 1st place + 10 horses = 28 points
                17 points for 2nd place + 7 horses = 24 points
  14. Points for Equitation and Showmanship classes will be awarded to the rider/handler. This means a rider/handler may show any horse and accumulate points towards an award. Points for all other classes will be awarded to the horse.
  15. Members showing at NHAHA sponsored shows, Open and All Arabian will receive double points for each class shown in.
  16. Dressage & Sport Horse Division – Score will be used for division award. Placing and total in the class used for versatility and high point award. You must send in a copy of the test with legible score along with point submission.
  17. 4-H Division – You must be a member of 4-H. Horse must be the rider’s 4-H project. Members must send a signed copy of a 2015 4-H approval form from their County Extension Office. The Championship will be awarded from the total scores from Fitting and Showmanship, Equitation and a choice class from a maximum of 3 shows. You must enter all 3 classes at each show to qualify.
    Example:   Fitting & Showmanship   89 points + 6 entries = 95
        Equitation:   18 points + 10 riders = 28
        Choice Class   17 points + 10 riders = 27
    TOTAL SCORE = 150        

    If Danish Ribbons are awarded:
    Blue = 18 points   Red = 17 points   White = 15 points
  18. Points for Danish awards will not be used for Year End Division awards or High Point Awards.
  19. Ties will be broken and the award given to the rider/handler or horse that has the highest single score out of the 5 scores being counted towards the division award.
  20. Versatility Division – To recognize the ability of the Arabian horse to perform in a variety of disciplines. Horse must have shown in at least 3 styles of riding/handling to be eligible. Total of top 5 scores from each division will be counted. (Example: halter, driving and country pleasure. Show hack, dressage, W/T hunter).
  21. Overall HIGH POINT – Will be awarded to the horse and rider combination that have the highest points from both rated and non-rated divisions combined. Points earned by a rider/handler non-member will not be considered for the Overall High Point awards.
  22. Special Recognition Award – Will be given to those horses and riders who achieve a Top Five or higher in Regional AHA competitions or Top 10 in National AHA Competition. Nationals do not count for year end awards.
  23. Youth Spirit Award – Will be given to a junior who participates in club-sponsored events and demonstrates the most helpful, enthusiastic and considerate spirit of a NHAHA member. Awarded by the club President after reviewing nominations as submitted by members.
  24. Prizes will be awarded to Owner or Lessee unless otherwise specified.

Divisions are as follows for both the AHA division and the non-AHA division:

Halter*   Sport Horse in Hand*   Showmanship**
English Pleasure*   Sport Horse Under Saddle *   Leadline
Country Pleasure*   Walk/Trot Pleasure*   Hunter Jumper*
Open Hack*   Dressage*   Equitation*
Hunter Pleasure*   Native Costume*   Western Pleasure*
Trail*   Driving*   Versatility
Junior High Point   Adult Amateur High Point   Professional High Point
* Will be divided – Purebred and Half-Arabian – providing we have at least 3 entries in one division and at least 2 entries in the second division.

** Will be divided – Junior and Adult – providing we have at least 3 entries in one division and at least 2 entries in the second division.

Please note that divisions may be further divided, as seen fit by the Year-End Awards Committee.

Point standings will be available online at and will be updated every month.

Any questions on the program or on how the points are calculated may be directed to Danielle Doucette (603) 867-2456,


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